Los Angeles Music Lawyer

Los Angeles Music Lawyer

Los Angeles Music & Intellectual Property Lawyer

Performers need to protect both their short-term interests and long-term career goals through sound planning and consideration of basic business, contract, and intellectual property principles.   Aspiring artists need to be careful when signing contracts.   Initial artist contracts are typically one-sided and unfair – locking up-and-coming artists into exclusive contracts that can last for decades, as well as create a situation where these individuals or groups are exploited and taken advantage of for their entire careers.

We provide comprehensive legal services that include assistance with copyright protection and licensing, recording, distribution and publishing agreements, advertising and promotional issues.   We are located in
Encino, and Santa Monica California, conveniently close to the entertainment communities of Los Angeles County.  

Attorney Alan Abergel is an avid music fan, acoustic and electric guitar player, drummer, home studio owner, and so has a great appreciation for musicians.   In addition to having a law degree, Mr. Abergel is also a graduate of Towson University,  Maryland’s mass communications/radio broadcasting program, in which Mr. Abergel took many audio and production techniques courses.   Mr. Abergel’s law school thesis explored the issue of Copyright Termination Rights In The “Loanout” Corporation’s Context.    Mr. Abergel is a member of National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), the California Copyright Conference (CCC), and The Recording Academy (GRAMMY).

We provide the following legal services to musicians and music industry companies

    • Artist partnership, investor, and shareholder or member agreements

    • Brand name protection, trademarks, and service marks registration.

    • Copyright registration 

    • General music business and music law advice

    • Agent / manager / publicist / producer representation agreements

    • Recording agreements

    • Contract negotiations involving songwriters, musicians, bands, producers, and other parties

    • Licensing

    • Management agreements

    • Publishing agreements

    • Formation of partnerships, LLCs, and corporations for band members, record labels, music studios, publishing companies, talent agencies, music marketing & PR companies, and all other music business ventures.

    • Outside general counsel to do it yourself and indie musicians and music industry entrepreneurs.  

    • Outside general counsel to music industry companies, including legal services concerning business law, intellectual property, licensing, contracts, real estate/zoning/construction. 

    • Purchase, sale, and merger of music industry businesses. 

    • Representation of borrowers and lenders in lending transactions secured by music catalogues and copyright assets.

    • Zoning and land use matters concerning the music industry such as, zoning of recoding studios, rehearsal studios, musical instrument stores, and music lessons’ businesses.  

    • Real estate matters concerning the music industry such as, commercial leases, purchase and sale of commercial properties. 

    • Representation in capital raising transactions in compliance with securities laws.
    • We do not shop demos to record or publishing companies. 

Here is a great music business article written by the legendary Smiths guitar player and songwriter, Johnny Marr, titled, “The outsiders: Misfits and mavericks who make music magical.”