California Business, Real Estate, and Financial Services Lawyer


Alan Abergel, Esq. is an attorney licensed by both the State Bar of Texas and the State Bar of California.  


Our firm’s concentration is in the representation of entrepreneurs and their businesses. Our firm provides  transactional, regulatory, and administrative litigation services.   We often act as outside general counsel for our clients’ businesses.   We serve many business industries including, lending, financial servicesequipment leasing and finance, real estatetechnology startups, professional services, music/entertainment, new media, fitness/wellness, manufacturing, restaurants, and apparel.    

As a California, business law firm, we provide professional, cost-effective, responsive, and aggressive representation to our clients.  Our skill in incorporating litigation avoidance strategies into our clients’ business planning is a key element of our practice.

Regardless of an organization’s size or prominence, legal problems affecting financial status and/or reputation, require prompt and practical solutions.  We view our clients’ legal problems as business problems, and work innovatively and promptly to resolve them. We recognize that our clients have businesses to run. For that reason, we work aggressively to get our clients back to developing their businesses.   We believe you will find us to be responsive, efficient as well as cost effective.

Our office is located in Fort Worth, TX.  This is our new office location.  We recently moved to the below stated office location from our Los Angeles office used for about 16 years.  Our primarily transactional based practice allows us to serve California clients through the use of e-mail, phone, fax, video conferencing, and other electronic means.   In administrative enforcement defense cases, if necessary, attorney will attend physical hearings in California, and not bill for interstate travel and expenses.



I am a California licensed business lawyer.  I can skillfully represent your business in a wide variety of business matters such as company formations, corporate startups, securities offerings and compliance, M&A transactions, equity and debt financing transactions, equipment leasing and finance transactions, joint ventures, due diligence, trademark, regulatory compliance, and contract negotiations and drafting.   As a California lawyer, I work with a wide range of clients.  My concentration is mainly in the small business and middle market segment. My skill in incorporating litigation avoidance strategies into my clients’ business planning is a key element of my transactional practice. Regardless of an organization’s size or prominence, legal problems affecting financial status and/or reputation, require prompt and practical solutions. I often act as outside general counsel for my clients’ businesses.   I serve many business industries including, real estate, lending, financial services, equipment leasing and finance, technology startups, music, entertainment, new media, fitness/wellness, manufacturing, restaurants, and apparel/fashion.

As a California business lawyer, I also represent foreign investors in California in all transactions covering business and real estate investments in many business industries.   We also work closely with the investor’s immigration counsel to produce business, securities offerings, PPM, real estate, equity, debt, investment, and related documents in compliance with EB-5, L-1, and other investment visas.   I often act as outside general counsel for foreign investors’ businesses located in California.

Some of the services provided as a California business lawyer:  


We provide real estate legal services to real estate investors, developers, lenders, architects, and contractors throughout California.  We offer, lease and purchase and sale negotiating and contract drafting services, and structuring arrangements services, which minimize future disagreements between parties by reducing any ambiguities concerning the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant or buyer and seller.

Our firm also handles disputes that may arise during or at the end of a real estate transaction. Our practice in this area includes representation in virtually all areas of real estate, including land use and planning matters. In addition, we represent clients regarding real property due diligence including title examination, and structuring ownership entities and financing arrangements.

We are regularly involved in negotiating and preparing real estate acquisition, design, construction, leasing, and financing agreements, and in closing real estate acquisitions.

  • Real Property Sales Transactions & Exchanges

  • Real Estate Banking & Finance

  • Foreclosures

  • Lending laws

  • Real estate issues and due diligence in M&A transactions

  • Commercial and residential leases.

  • Formation of real estate partnerships, joint ventures, LLCs, LPs, syndications, and private equity funds.

  • Zoning proceedings, zoning due diligence in real estate acquisitions and M&A transactions.

  • Contractors’ Law and Representation before the Construction State License Board

  • Formation of construction companies, taking into consideration RMO and RME equity ownership limitations imposed by CSLB regulations.

  • DRE compliance.

  • Outside general counsel services to construction companies

  • Affordable outside general counsel plans to real estate and construction companies.



Law Offices of Alan Abergel, PC, is a trademark lawyer, which represents clients with intellectual property matters such as trademarks, service marks, trade names, business slogans, and logos. It is very important for your business to protect its trademark as your trademark is a valuable business asset.

I can register your business’s service mark, trademark, brand name, slogan, and logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as internationally. I handle the entire trademark process from beginning to end, including filing the trademark application, responding to a USPTO Office Action, and representing you in any administrative proceedings if necessary, including appeal to the USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

I can also help with conducting a trademark search to minimize the chances of a USPTO Office Action, administrative proceedings, rejection of your trademark, cease and desist requests from conflicting trademark owners, or trademark infringement litigation.

I also handle other intellectual property maters such as copyright registration, copyright licensing, trademark licensing, invention licensing, and patent licensing agreements.

My fees are reasonable and affordable.   I charge flat fees for trademark and copyright registrations.   I handle all trademark and copyright registration myself.

I serve all types of business industries in trademark and intellectual property matters including without limitation, lending, financial services, real estate, construction, technology startups, music, entertainment, new media, fitness/wellness, manufacturing, restaurants, and apparel.

The fact that the Law Offices of Alan Abergel, P.C. is a business law practice allows us to serve our intellectual property clients with business at the forefront.  We are able to offer clients unique opportunities and highly advantageous strategies designed to allow them to take full benefit of their intellectual property assets.