California consumer lender lawyer

Consumer lenders who lend to California borrowers, using physical office or online platforms, must obtain a California Finance Lenders Law License.  (“CFLL”) and be subject to the California Finance Lenders Law.

Per California Finance Lenders Law, a finance lender is defined as “any person who is engaged in the business of making consumer loans or making commercial loans.”

In general, any person engaging in the business of a finance lender or finance broker is required to obtain a California Finance Lenders license.

Consumer lenders make secured or unsecured “consumer loans” and therefore require a CFLL license when making loans to California borrowers.   There may be exemptions or non-loan transactions that may apply to some consumer financing transactions.  When raising capital lenders must also comply with applicable state and federal securities laws and regulations.

Consumer lenders in California are subject to many state and federal consumer lending laws and regulations.  THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN ABERGEL, P.C. is knowledgeable and experienced in handling all the licensing, regulatory, compliance, and administrative matters concerning consumer lenders operations in California.  We serve many types of California consumer lenders, including peer-to-peer lenders, marketplace lenders, car title lenders,  online platform based lenders, physical office or retail location based lenders, unsecured and secured consumer lenders.

Our services include, assisting with the California Finance Lenders License application, legal advice about compliance with the California Finance Lenders law and applicable California and federal consumer lending laws, drafting of loan documents and ancillary documents in compliance with the California Finance Lenders law and applicable California and federal consumer lending laws, representation before the DFPI in administrative litigation matters, audits, inspections, citations, desist and refrain orders, license suspensions, revocations, and accusations, representation in appeals of administrative decisions, and representation of consumer lenders in court in defense against lawsuits brought by the DFPI, CFPB, or other government authorities.

We do not represent consumers.   We only represent lenders.